Optical Laboratory - Glasgow

Providing Glazed and Uncut Work

Brian Wilson Modern Eyewears Glasgow Optical Laboratory is situated in the oldest Scottish Royal Burgh, Rutherglen. The Lab supplies Optical Practices throughout the UK with glazed and uncut lenses.

The Laboratory is fully equipped with computerised lens cutting generators and a highly trained staff of technicians under the control of Lab Manager, Brian Wilson. Brian has been with Modern Eyewear Optical Laboratories since its inception in 1997 and has a wide knowledge of optical lens working.

Competitive Pricing

A competitive price structure ensures Modern Eyewear Optical Laboratories is at the front of the market and supported by a sharp delivery and service system. The Glasgow Laboratory is, we believe, the largest independently owned optical laboratory in Scotland.

Optical Lenses

A full range of optical lens products are supplied from basic surfaced single vision lenses, bifocals and varifocals - including the full range of lenses from all the major branded lens manufacturers. Modern Eyewear Optical Laboratories are VARILUX SPECIALIST LABORATORIES.

Modern Eyewear has supply links with all major lens manufacturing companies including;

Glazed Complete Packages

Many of our spectacle frames are supplied on a GLAZED COMPLETE package, frame and lens as one price. Full details of price and models are available to optometrists on request.

Varilux Specialist Laboratory